Jun, 2016, Performance in Japan

I will go back to my home town, Kyoto, Japan this end of May to perform couple of Jazz shows with my friends in Japan. These shows are unique events, so I would like to introduce each gig of highlight to you.

・Jun 1st, Wed
venue: 「Komu – うまいもんや こむ」(Japanese restaurant)
2016.6.1.こむJAZZ liveフライヤー
Shu Odamura(g)
Ryoju Fukushiro(ts)

Japanize full‐course meal of French cuisine with free drink
¥5,000 / per parson

7:00pm ~ 9:00pm

Kyoto city is where Shu Odamura, guitarist and I  was born and grew up. After high school graduation, Shu had gone to Boston, MA to gain his Jazz composition abilities at Berklee College of Music. He graduate there with Toshiko Akiyoshi Award, then move to New York City. He was hired as a film music maker of the independent movie “The Wishmakers”. Also, his minimal-music piece “Kitchen Talk” that was selected to air on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s radio program in Japan. In 2016, he released debut album, “Cloud Illusions” (What’s New Records.) The album is reviewed in Jazz Life and Jazz Japan Magazine. His remarkable guitar (nylon string) sound is the tinge of him.

In 2013, I (Ryoju) decided to re-learn Jazz music in the New York City. Since then, I went to Manhattan School of Music, and am current student of Queens College (Aaron Copland School of Music). I’ve been performing mainly in Harlem, at “Paris Blues” with pianist, Antoine Dowdell since September, 2015. This constant performance works mean to me a lot. My current project is to form my original unit and sound influenced by atmosphere of Harlem. Just finished recording with, Craig Haynes(ds), Lonnie Plaxico(ds), Michael Raye(p) the other day.

If you are interested listening Shu and I playing in Kyoto, I would like to welcome you to this show.


ryojumusica.info@gmail.com  (Ryoju Fukushiro -Riyo-)


Access: Japan, 〒606-0833 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Sakyō-ku, Shimogamo Maehagichō, 左京区下鴨前萩町5-6




May 4th, 2016, it was my first time recording in NYC. My ambition of producing my own musical art hasn’t changed since I started playing Saxophone. I had never known how to explain my unshakeable voice through the saxophone, or what is the effective way of Jazz quartet instrumentation to express my natural thoughts.

I revealed emotionally this to my elder friend in Japan, Trumpeter, Yukimoto Seiki-san one day.  He provided me a chance to be able to record with his best friends who currently live in the city.

Special thanks, Seiki Yukimo-san, and my sponsor.

Recording personnel:

Michael Raye(p), Lonnie Plaxico(b), Craig Haynes(ds), Ryoju Fukushiro[Riyo] (Sax, EWI)


Photographer: Michael Baumann


I’ll post more details after everything is done.


April 23rd, 2016

Because of the pleasant weather, everyone seemed to be excited in the city today. I have many things in my mind that has to share with you. I would like to post this show’s information, ”Antoine Dowdell group” that I’ve been belonging to 8 months. The band leader, Antoine has been letting me try to experiment for figuring my playing style out in his band. Playing in his band sometimes really tricky, but his generating songs are somehow remarkable. I know I am not eligible to mention these comments but, in my opinion, having one’s own distinctive expression is most important as being an artist otherwise it’s same as MIDI sounds. A human could lose to the latest high technology. 

Since I am going to back to my country to return a work during the summer breake from end of May, I would like you to see Antoine’s playing at Paris Blues in Harlem as long as I am here.


Saturday, April 23rd at Paris Blues
9:00pm – 1:00am
– Antoine Dowdell Group-

p. Antoine Dowdell
b. Kenji Tokunaga
g. Yoshiki Miura
ds. Dameyume Henry
ts. Ryoju Fukushiro (Riyo)

Facebook event page

Antoine Dowdell’s Group

Happy Holidays!

I don’t know whether you believe or not, but nyc’s climate had been hot and humid till a few days ago. It seems to be getting cold these days.

Thank you to all whom I blissful to become acquainted in the world in 2015 for exchanging our encouragements together.

Here is a note of  my recent activities.

I’ve been playing in the Antoine Dawdell’s Group since the middle of 2015. We had our pictures taken by photographer, Michael Baumann at the last performance.

We are going to play at Paris Blues this coming Saturday night, January 2nd, 2016.

Saturday, January 2nd at Paris Blues
9:00pm – 1:00am
– Antoine Dowdell Group-

p. Antoine Dowdell
b. Kenji Tokunaga
g. Yoshiki Miura
ts. Ryoju Fukushiro (Riyo)
ds. Dameyum Henry

Facebook event page

Our music video from the last performance, taken by Paris Blues (Judith Escalante)


The concert of Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra I belong to is scheduled tonight, Thursday 7:30pm in Borden Auditorium in the school’s main building. If you have time, please come by. It’s Free entrance. Please leave your comment on this post if you feel like to see this!

MSM Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra The Funk Stops Here!
  Thursday, November 05, 2015

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Bobby Sanabria, Conductor



The music of James Brown, The Brecker Brothers, Earth, Wind & Fire, and more!


Borden Auditorium (Manhattan School of Music) 

120 Claremont Ave, New York, NY 10027

Diary – October 26th 2015

One freezing night of last winter, I was listening pianist Antoine Dowdell‘s show at Paris Blues through an introduction of his band member and my friend Keiji Yoshino. Since they were playing passionately, I was enthusiastic about them. As the show reached to climax, I couldn’t stand sitting on a chair, so I grabbed my horn and begged them to let me in.

As time went by, Antoine’s bassist Kenji Tokunaga called me and let me play in the band as a trial run member.

Since then, they and I have been playing together for several months at Paris Blues and the other venues as well. We even played in a prestigious fashion show one day. 

I felt some changes yesterday like we’ve got closer together and heard each other’s sound well on the stage. Audiences have enjoyed listening to our show.

I thank all of you for having me to your precious moment.

The shared video from the show last month was taken by Paris Blues.

Tonight, August 1st, performing at Paris Blues in Harlem

Saturday Night, August 1st 9:00pm – 1:00am,

I will be playing with Antoine Dowdell Group at Paris Blues in Harlem. If you are seeking something else around the area tonight, please come to enjoy our show.

Saturday, August 1th at Paris Blues
9:00pm – 1:00am
– Antoine Dowdell Group-

p. Antoine Dowdell
b. Hiro Yokoyama
g. Keiji Yoshino
ts. Ryoju Fukushiro (Riyo)
ds. Dameyum Henryts. Ryoju Fukushiro (Riyo)

Facebook event page