Monthly Archives: April 2018

My new website is released

My new website is released.

And I released my original studio recorded music tracks on my music page. And there is also gigs info. Thank you Michael Baumann for awesome photo!

Thank you, Michael Raye, Craig Holiday Haynes, Lonnie Plaxico, Vince Carducci for the great recording! We are on the Music page.

Thank you for Quincy Newell, Sung Hern Chung, Anna Choi, Mayuka Ezure, Norm Zamcheck, John Putnam, Adrienne Asterita, Chris Lucca, Pete O’Connell for performing with me.
our photo is on the gig page!

Thank you, James Navan, Leonardo Catricala, Goh Izawa, Lorenzo Bisogno, Ed Jackson, Anton Delecca, Aaron Copland School of Music.
Our videos are on the Music Page.