April 23rd, 2016

Because of the pleasant weather, everyone seemed to be excited in the city today. I have many things in my mind that has to share with you. I would like to post this show’s information, ”Antoine Dowdell group” that I’ve been belonging to 8 months. The band leader, Antoine has been letting me try to experiment for figuring my playing style out in his band. Playing in his band sometimes really tricky, but his generating songs are somehow remarkable. I know I am not eligible to mention these comments but, in my opinion, having one’s own distinctive expression is most important as being an artist otherwise it’s same as MIDI sounds. A human could lose to the latest high technology. 

Since I am going to back to my country to return a work during the summer breake from end of May, I would like you to see Antoine’s playing at Paris Blues in Harlem as long as I am here.


Saturday, April 23rd at Paris Blues
9:00pm – 1:00am
– Antoine Dowdell Group-

p. Antoine Dowdell
b. Kenji Tokunaga
g. Yoshiki Miura
ds. Dameyume Henry
ts. Ryoju Fukushiro (Riyo)

Facebook event page


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