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Tonight, October 30, performing at Tomi Jazz in Midtown

Tonight, October 30, from 9:00pm – 1:00am,

I will be playing with Ray Daike at Tomi Jazz in Midtown. If you feel like having Japanese drinks beside live music, please come to enjoy our show.

Friday, July 31 at Tomi Jazz
9:00pm – 1:00am

g – Ray Daike, ts – Ryoju Fukushiro(Riyo) duo


Diary – October 26th 2015

One freezing night of last winter, I was listening pianist Antoine Dowdell‘s show at Paris Blues through an introduction of his band member and my friend Keiji Yoshino. Since they were playing passionately, I was enthusiastic about them. As the show reached to climax, I couldn’t stand sitting on a chair, so I grabbed my horn and begged them to let me in.

As time went by, Antoine’s bassist Kenji Tokunaga called me and let me play in the band as a trial run member.

Since then, they and I have been playing together for several months at Paris Blues and the other venues as well. We even played in a prestigious fashion show one day. 

I felt some changes yesterday like we’ve got closer together and heard each other’s sound well on the stage. Audiences have enjoyed listening to our show.

I thank all of you for having me to your precious moment.

The shared video from the show last month was taken by Paris Blues.