Montclair, NJ

The breadth soul singer, Nicolas Bearde held extremely excellent concert at Trumpets Jazz CLub in Montclair, NJ on May 2nd, 2015. He is Internationally renowned Jazz and R&B vocalist, who is currently based on Oakland, San Francisco.

I had so much fun time for listening his great voice and well chosen tunes, and his spectacular combination band;

Nat Adderley, Jr. – piano
Vincent Herring – A.sax
Belden Bullock – bass
Vincent Ector – drums

That was absolutely amazing!

He and I met at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland, SF, when I was participating the Jazz contest called ”Jazz Search West 2013” organized by Living Jazz on March – April, in 2013.

He was doing as an MC in the contest. Before it starts, he asked me through my girlfriend (interpreter), Mako Mittwer how he can pronounce my name.

(Worst of all, I was totally not be able to speak English at that time. Without her helping, I must not have done anything. Now, I can speak it, but still not fluent. I’ve admitted that was terribly bad behavior for the native speakers and English learners. However, they did not care about my problems, and they welcomed me.)

Because of the confusion of my name’s actual pronunciation, Nicolas suggested to call me just sounds like ”Riyo”. I totally liked this sound. So, I answered him to call me ”Riyo”.

I have plenty of unforgettable sweet memories in San Francisco in 2013.…

Meeting him was so meaningful for me this year 2015.


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