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Will be going back to Japan from May 27th to June 21st

My purpose of coming to here nyc was in order to enter the music college, Manhattan School Of Music. I will start to attend the  school this coming end of June, 2015. So, I am having an almost one month vacation as F1 visa international student. I haven’t seen my family since I took off from Japan at last time. It has been a year and a few months. This term is good to get back to my country, Kyoto, Japan, to meet my family, and my friends. I am going to be out of nyc area from May 25th to June 22st.

I will be having my Jazz performances and a chance to join my greatest friends’ splendid band as a side man in Japan during this term. If you have some friends who currently live in Japan (Especially, Kansai area, Tokyo area, Fukuoka area) like listening live music, I would like you to invite them to our show. I am truly looking forward to meeting them and landing in Japan.

Sunday, June 7th
Takatsuki-shi, Osaka「JK RUSH

Seiki Yukimoto – 行本清喜(tp,quena)
Shiho Akagi – あかぎしほ(p)
Ayumu Yuki – 結城歩(g)
Kou Ookura – 大倉甲(b)
Jun Nagami – 永見潤(ds)
Me – 私(ts)

open 6:30pm  starts 7:00pm  (2 sets)

adress: 大阪府高槻市高槻町13-10 土屋第二ビルB1

telephone: +81 72-681-7473

Monday, June 8th
near the south east corner of Gosyo, Kyoto  「Tom’s Bar

Hitoshi Nishida – 西田仁(p)
Hisao Yamamoto –  山本久生(b)
Me – 私(ts)

starts 7:30pm
¥2,500- (including 1 free drink)

adress: 京都府京都市中京区竹屋町通寺町西入甘露町666

telephone : +81 75-756-8488

This venue consists of old house, Machiya is so small. Because of that, people who can come in is limited. If you are interested in Machiya Bar, and our Jazz show, you have to reserve by sending an email to me before show starts.

Ryoju Fukushiro contact information:
+81 50 3394 9100

Friday June 19th
Kurume, Fukuoka「Vino&Dig」

Katsumi Yoshioka – 吉岡かつみ(p)
Tooru Nakase – 中瀬亨(b)
Me – 私(ts)

starts 8:00pm

adress: 福岡県久留米市日吉町12-63 第5公建ビル1F
telephone: 090-6894-1866

Saturday, June 20th
Asakusa, Tokyo「Dining & JAZZ Bar SHIZUKA Ⅱ

Jitsuhiro Masuda – 増田実裕(p)
Ryoichi Zakota – 座小田諒一(b)
Hodaka Maeda – 前田穂高(ds)
Me – 私(ts)

starts 7:30pm
¥2,500- (including little snacks)

After the show, it is going to be a Jam session from about 10pm. If you are musician, must bring your instrument.

adress: 東京都台東区西浅草2-25-8, 1階
telephone: 03-3841-5341


Ryoju Fukushiro(Riyo) contact information:
050 3394 9100

Ryoju photo 2015
Ryoju Fukushiro (Riyo)
Tenor Saxophonist

Ryoju Fukushiro (Riyo) was born into a musical family in Kyoto, Japan in April 1986. When he was 17 years old, he devoted himself to taking Jazz saxophone lessons from Yoshiyuki Yamanaka, who is one of the most known warm toned tenor saxophonists in the Jazz scene of Japan.

Ryoju started to perform his own gigs when he was 19 years old in the Kansai area. Gaining a skill of a lyrical tone reminiscent of Stan Getz, he won the Grand Prix in the Jazz contest ‘’The Third Kobe Next Jazz Competition’’ in 2009.

After moving to Tokyo in 2012, Ryoju made an appearance in the Jazz Magazine ‘’Jazz Hihyou’’ as a young energetic saxophonist. Soon after that, he recorded the self-sponsored original CD ‘’Bamboo Grove’’. His original tune ”Bamboo Grove” was aired on radio for an electricity company‘s commercial song in 2013.

In March 2013, Ryoju visited San Francisco to participate in the Jazz competition ‘’Jazz Search West 2013’’, and won First Place the following month at the finals. As the prize, Ryoju received full tuition to the summer camp ‘’Jazz Camp West 2013’’.

In November 2013, Ryoju moved to the New York City vicinity to discipline himself, and study Jazz as a music based on American culture.

In March 2015, Ryoju was accepted to the Manhattan School of Music as an undergraduate student for the fall semester.


Montclair, NJ

The breadth soul singer, Nicolas Bearde held extremely excellent concert at Trumpets Jazz CLub in Montclair, NJ on May 2nd, 2015. He is Internationally renowned Jazz and R&B vocalist, who is currently based on Oakland, San Francisco.

I had so much fun time for listening his great voice and well chosen tunes, and his spectacular combination band;

Nat Adderley, Jr. – piano
Vincent Herring – A.sax
Belden Bullock – bass
Vincent Ector – drums

That was absolutely amazing!

He and I met at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland, SF, when I was participating the Jazz contest called ”Jazz Search West 2013” organized by Living Jazz on March – April, in 2013.

He was doing as an MC in the contest. Before it starts, he asked me through my girlfriend (interpreter), Mako Mittwer how he can pronounce my name.

(Worst of all, I was totally not be able to speak English at that time. Without her helping, I must not have done anything. Now, I can speak it, but still not fluent. I’ve admitted that was terribly bad behavior for the native speakers and English learners. However, they did not care about my problems, and they welcomed me.)

Because of the confusion of my name’s actual pronunciation, Nicolas suggested to call me just sounds like ”Riyo”. I totally liked this sound. So, I answered him to call me ”Riyo”.

I have plenty of unforgettable sweet memories in San Francisco in 2013.…

Meeting him was so meaningful for me this year 2015.