Tenor Saxophonist – Ryoju Fukushiro (Riyo)

IMG_7019  Ryoju photo 2015

Ryoju Fukushiro (Riyo) was born into a musical family in Kyoto, Japan in April 1986. When he was 17 years old, he devoted himself to taking Jazz saxophone lessons from Yoshiyuki Yamanaka, who is one of the most known warm toned tenor saxophonists in the Jazz scene of Japan.

Ryoju started to perform his own gigs when he was 19 years old in the Kansai area. Gaining a skill of a lyrical tone reminiscent of Stan Getz, he won the Grand Prix in the Jazz contest ‘’The Third Kobe Next Jazz Competition’’ in 2009.

After moving to Tokyo in 2012, Ryoju made an appearance in the Jazz Magazine ‘’Jazz Hihyou’’ as a young energetic saxophonist. Soon after that, he recorded the self-sponsored original CD ‘’Bamboo Grove’’. His original tune ”Bamboo Grove” was aired on radio for an electricity company‘s commercial song in 2013.

In March 2013, Ryoju visited San Francisco to participate in the Jazz competition ‘’Jazz Search West 2013’’, and won First Place the following month at the finals. As the prize, Ryoju received full tuition to the summer camp ‘’Jazz Camp West 2013’’.

In November 2013, Ryoju moved to the New York City vicinity to discipline himself, and study Jazz as a music based on American culture.

In March 2015, Ryoju was accepted to the Manhattan School of Music as an undergraduate student for the fall semester.

[Corrected by Mako Mittwer (English instructor in Japan)]


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